The analytical quantification of a nutrient or residue in food samples is typically achieved by 1) homogenizing the sample, 2) extracting the desired nutrient or residue from the sample and 3) measuring its concentration with a suitable detecting instrument. Extraction (step 2) is a major bottleneck in the process because it involves multiple, tedious and time-consuming steps.

Certo’s vision is to make lab life simple, safe and cheap by shortening and de-skilling the processes involved in nutrient and residue extraction (i.e, step 2 of the analytical process). This goal has been achieved through the development of a one-step extraction kit that isolates the compound of interest in less than 30 seconds per sample.

A homogenized sample is shaken in solvent and poured through a proprietary kit filter which preferentially elutes the compound of interest into a collecting tube. The extracted compound can then be subjected to measurement using conventional analytical instruments such as a gas-chromatograph or spectrophotometer.