Certo Labs Inc. was founded by Ameer and Ahmed Taha in 2005. While completing his Master`s thesis in the Nutrition department of the University of Toronto, Ameer was confronted with the problem of extracting nutrients from hundreds of biological samples for analytical quantification. To cope with this challenge, Ameer teamed up with a few of his engineering friends to create a proof-of-concept device that replicated his work at the lab. The idea captured the attention of his younger brother Ahmed, a fourth year undergraduate Pharmacology student who had been previously involved in a start-up company and had won a handful of business plan competitions in Canada.

It didn't take long before the brothers realized the value of high throughput extractions to laboratories. They immediately put together a preliminary business proposal and competed at the prestigious TieQuest Business Plan Competition in Toronto ON. Certo Labs Inc. came in first place. The $50,000 prize was used to start the company.

The team spent over two years researching the laboratory market by visiting labs of all sizes and identifying their specific needs. After careful assessment of the marketplace, Certo Labs decided to simplify the extraction process of nutrients, residues and pesticides from biological samples (food, tissue or blood), by developing high throughput one-step extraction kits. The technology was developed with Dr. Ken Stark at the University of Waterloo under research grants from the Ontario Centres of Excellence, Health Technology Exchange Program and the National Science and Engineering Research Council.

Certo is the first company to simplify an otherwise time-consuming, multi-step process for lipid, residue and pesticide extraction, into a simple, one-step process. The extracted compounds can then be directly analyzed by GC, GCMS, HPLC or LC/MS/MS.